The Days and Works of ...

The Days & Works of ...

"The Days and Works of… Project is a celebration of shared stories, connections, and bonds with our human condition"
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Life stories are important. They are treasures. They inspire, they teach, they show the way, they hand down the torch to the next torchbearer… Over the last 100 years, since the times of Otto Rank publishing “The Trauma of Birth” in 1920, a lot of pioneers in the field of Prenatal Sciences have added their light to the understanding of the significance of our pre-conception to infancy for the rest of our life. All of them were daring people, willing and dedicated to walk the road less travelled, signpost the journey and speak their findings loud for the others to hear and see. Four generations of dedicated professionals, scholars, researchers and academics. Thanks God there are many of them around still developing and adding to what has been handed down to us. We spot them and interview them, video record these interviews and share with the world so that others can have the opportunity to meet them first hand and not through the narratives of those who remember and learn right from their lips. We wish to safeguard their life messages and get inspired by the small daily acts that are at work behind big Minds. So, here we are: Attend each interview online. Get the opportunity to get to know them, ask your questions and get inspired! See our program and register. It is free. Below, you can watch the programs you missed. 

The Days & Works of Ludwig Janus, MD

The Days & Works of Hakan Çoker, MD

The Days & Works of Dr Marti Glenn

The Days & Works of Prof. Dr. Amara Eckert

The Days & Works of Dr Antonella Sansone

The Days & Works of Michael Trout

The Days & Works of Klaus Evertz

The Days & Works of Jon RG Turner, Whole-Self Prebirth Psychology

The Days & Works of Richard Overly

The Days & Works of Simon House, MA, CANTAB

The Days & Works of Matthew Appleton