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Announcement of the New Inductees

We are thrilled to announce the culmination of a successful nomination process and voting, resulting in the selection of outstanding individuals who will be inducted as new pioneers into the Hall of Honor for their remarkable contributions to the field of Prenatal Sciences.

The esteemed new inductees are:

  1. Gerhard Schroth

  2. Otwin Liedercamp

  3. Mary Jackson

  4. Hakan Choker

  5. Akira Ikegawa

  6. Gabor Mate

These visionary individuals have demonstrated unparalleled dedication, innovation, and impact in advancing our understanding of prenatal sciences, shaping its future.


We are delighted to invite you to join us in celebrating their achievements at the Hall of Honor ceremony, which will take place on November 12, 2024, coinciding with the birthday of Prof Peter Fedor Freyburg, a date that holds special significance in the realm of prenatal sciences. The ceremony will commence at 16:00 UTC.

For more information about the Hall of Honor and the upcoming ceremony, please visit our special webpage.

The detailed program for the ceremony will be shared in due course, with the entire event expected to last approximately 100-120 minutes. We are excited to announce that the ceremony will be conducted online, providing a platform for global participation and engagement. To watch last year’s Hall of Honor ceremony, click below.

Join us as we honor the pioneers of prenatal sciences and celebrate their enduring legacy of discovery and innovation.

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