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The past quarter-century has seen an explosion of research in prenatal and perinatal psychology, resulting in new ways of thinking about the complex connections between early experience and developmental outcomes. The implications for everyone from obstetricians to adoptive parents, and from developmental psychologists to early intervenors, have been huge. It’s time to celebrate some of this progress by noting the work of practitioners and researchers around the world who have made discoveries, mused on the implications of those discoveries, and made those discoveries accessible to others.

We live in different countries, speak different languages, and represent different academic/ professional and cultural/religious backgrounds. The emphasis of our work is not uniform, nor should it be. But it is likely our hearts and minds are more similar than dissimilar: we believe that our pre/perinatal experiences matter, and we share a goal of better health for both children and grownups.

At the Prenatal Sciences Partnership Global Congress in the fall of 2022, conversations began about creating a Hall of Honor to maintain the spirit and values of those who pioneered this paradigm of earliest development since 1920. The early participants in these conversations hoped that the creation of such a Hall of Honor might not only save the teachings of the pioneers–allowing them to become a beacon of light and an inspiration for others–but also to encourage new work in areas never imagined before.


Posthumous awards were presented at the 2022 Global Congress to Gabriela Ferrari, Lloyd deMause, Joseph Chilton Pearce, Peter Fedor Freybergh and David Chamberlain. Honor was given to Ludwig Janus and Otto Rank. In the middle of all this international and trans-disciplinary sharing of thought, Thomas Verny and Olga Gouni conceived the notion of designing a system of more permanent acknowledgements. The Hall of Honor was born. You are hereby officially invited to nominate potential inductees.

Nominations will be particularly welcome from those whose written or spoken words have made research in prenatal and perinatal psychology accessible to both scientific and non-scientific audiences; those whose written or spoken words have lifted up points of view heretofore insufficiently recognized or whose words have thrown light on insufficiently examined variables in prenatal and perinatal psychology; those who have published their work in recognized scientific journals and books; and those who have demonstrated a pioneering spirit in their work and excellence in their research. Nominations are welcome from professional societies; from prenatal and perinatal sciences research and/or educational institutions; and from individuals engaged in clinical work or community outreach.

The Hall of Honor committee includes Thomas Verny of Canada; Ludwig Janus of Germany; Olga Gouni of Greece; Kate White, Michael Trout and Karlton Terry of the United States and Nese Karabekir of Turkey. For more information please email: or to access the nomination form, The link will remain active until end of April 2023.

If you are entitled to nomination, you can nominate up to three significant pioneers for 2023.
The form is now inactive.  We are in evaluation process. Thank you all for your contributions.

The Timeline below shows important information.

Please allow your voice to be heard. Join the progress of science.

Who Can Nominate?

  1. Any Prenatal Sciences Professional Society (including ISPPM, APPPAH)

  2. Prenatal Sciences Research Organizations

  3. Prenatal Sciences Educational Institutions

  4. Private Organizations promoting Prenatal Sciences

  5. Clinicians practicing prenatal sciences

Main Criteria

The main criteria are: 

  1. Excellence & pioneer thinking

  2. Research spirit that opens up new paths and creates knowledge and better understanding

  3. Social responsibility for all of us involved in the field

  4. Leadership skills that promote peace, co-operation and networks that empower health

  5. Healthy advocacy for the (un)born child.

The Hall of Honor Team

  1. Thomas Verny, MD

  2. Ludwig Janus, MD

  3. Michael Trout

  4. Olga Gouni

  5. Kate White

  6. Nese Karabekir

  7. Julie Gerland

  8. Moffat Osoro

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