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Hello, dear child, there’s always something awesome for you to explore here, at OUR FREE RESOURCES space for you. Our team does their best to make your  experience interesting and engaging. Check out our learning for more opportunities as time goes by and get in touch for more information.

My Big Myth (App)
For children aged 4-14

How did the world begin?
How did the first humans get here, and why are we here?
Every culture in the world has its own answer; every culture has a creation myth.

From Aztec to Aboriginals, Inca to Inuit, every culture has its own answer to the fundamental questions of our existence. The Big Myth celebrates our rich, cultural diversity, telling the world’s oldest stories with the world’s newest learning tools.

The Big Myth is an animated, educational storytelling app, showing 25 different stories of creation from around the world.

Please click here to get to the myths. In English/ German/ Dutch

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