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Working Groups

There is a lot of interesting work to be done in our partnership. In order to do it the best possible way, we have organized it in working groups.  There are 9 working groups all in all now: 

1. Study Working Group. Find Out More

2. Working Group on Professional Education. Find Out More

3. Working Group on Ethics. Find Out More

4. Working Group on Parenting. Find Out More

5. Working Group on Community Service. Find Out More

6. Working Group on Knowledge Translation & Dissemination. Find Out More

7. Working Group on Global Network and Membership. Find Out More

8. Working Group on Research. Find Out More

9. Working Group on Fundraising. Find Out More

There is always an open invitation for new members in the working groups. And of course we are open to starting a new one which we have not conceived yet. To join one of the working groups, please consider becoming a partner or a member. You can fill in the form that follows. You can explore the aims and goals of each of the working group under the form, below. 

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This little story speaks about our history and philosophy working together.

Once upon a time in a land of collaboration,

A group of individuals formed a foundation.

They came together with a spirit of trust,

Knowing that reliability was a must.

In their work, they embraced the power of "yes",

For when they made a promise, they meant it, no less.

Collaboration was their guiding star,

Each member playing a unique part.

Openness was their cherished guide,

As they shared ideas and set egos aside.

They valued the importance of being on time,

Respecting each other's schedules, in rhythm and rhyme.

With regular presence, they built a strong bond,

Supporting one another, growing fond.

Their genuine interest in the work they pursued,

Fueled their passion and kept their spirits renewed.

Compassion and care were their guiding lights,

Extending kindness, both day and night.

They uplifted each other through every endeavor,

Knowing that together, they were stronger than ever.

In this tale of collaboration and grace,

They worked hand in hand, at their own pace.

 Their shared values created a tapestry,

Where every member found belonging and glee.

And so, in this story, we find a lesson,

Of the power of collaboration and expression.

No matter the working group they belonged,

These values made their unity strong.

For in the spirit of trust and genuine care,

They created a space where dreams could dare.

Their collective efforts changed the world around,

Leaving a lasting impact, profound.

And as the story unfolds, they continue to grow,

Embracing new challenges, ready to show,

That through collaboration and unity,

They can create a world of infinite possibility.

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Amara Eckhert



Neşe Karabekir



Simina Angelescu



Yuko Igarashi



Olga Gouni



Mirjana Sovilj

Ankita-Profile-930x620 (1)_edited.webp


Ankita Marjadi

Welcome to our Global Congress 2022
Prenatal Sciences Partnership

Welcome to our Global Congress 2022

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