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Pregnant Couples & Families Resources

Welcome to the Pregnant Couples and Families Hub.

Here you can find a collection of free resources from our partnership members to accompany you along the way of supporting future generations. 

We continually add new material. So please visit again and again for more pregnancy gifts. Share with those who care!

Parents' library

Below, you can download interesting books:

Stories for Parents, children and Grandchildren Vol. 1, 2008 (Paolo Cohelo)

The 10 Golden Rules for Future Parents



« In every art, the beginning is extremely important for the whole, when constructing buildings, foundations are most important, in the naval field, the importance is in the hull… Thus, in society, the way couples unite and the beginning of life are very important for their prosperity». Ocelle of Lefkada, disciple of Pythagoras...  Here are the 10 golden Rules for Future Parents, an outcome of the Erasmus+ Project titled PACE of HEALTH.  To read the full text click below as different languages are available.  

English | Greek  | Turkish  | Spanish  | French

Young Couple Expecting

Baby Buddy Forward (App)

Baby Buddy Forward is a project creating a free web-based educational platform designed with parents and health professionals to enhance the transition into parenthood for everyone.

  • A day-to-day companion (a buddy) for parents-to-be and new parents

  • Supporting and complementing the educational role of health professionals

  • Enhancing the conversations between parents and health professionals
    In English, Russian, Greek, Arabic, Turkish
    Go to the app

baby buddy2.png
9 Minutes in 9 Months 

The 9 months of gestation is a whole lifetime for the unborn baby. These two videos speak about some of the miracles. Olga Gouni ( speaks both in English and Greek. Watch below and share.

Καλωσόρισες Welcome: 5 Radio Programs for Pregnant Couples 

the programs were prepared by Olga Gouni ( and were played on the webradio In Greek

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