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Projects & Resources

We believe in creativity and our team comes up with projects that aim to maintain the wisdom gained over the centuries, initiated by pioneers in the field of prenatal sciences and beyond, create new knowledge hopefully bearing wisdom through research, study groups, educational projects, publications ... and we engage in knowledge dissemination to support policy making and community projects to raise awareness and add quality to life. Please, share the news and join our working groups. 


Furthermore, no matter who you are, there’s always something awesome for you to explore at OUR FREE RESOURCES space. There are opportunities for very young children in our Children's Hub, support tools for pregnant couples and families, Professional Resources for those of you engaged in the service of fellow people and life as well as great resources for the mature adults. Our team does their best to add value to each category of resources and make your  experience interesting and engaging.


Check out our page for more opportunities as time goes by and get in touch for more information.

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My Birth Drawing

The Project consists of a series of drawing books with the aim to provide new visuals for the young generation of our children and at the same time create a healing opportunity for them. The first book is ready and available followed by more themes such as "My Cosmic Bonding Drawing Book", "My Breastfeeding Drawing Book", "My First Year Drawing Book". You can get the book on line from Amazon. Get to our store as well. If you are a professional who works with parents and families, please recommend it to them. Read Recommendations

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The Days and Works of (...)

Life stories are important. Biographies are treasures. They inspire, they teach, they show the way, they hand down the torch to the next torchbearer…

We wish to spot them and interview them, video record these interviews and share with the world so that others can have the opportunity to meet them first hand and not through the narratives of those who remember and learn right from their lips. We wish to safeguard their life messages and get inspired by the small daily acts that are at work behind big Minds.

Watch as we progress

The Days and Works of .._

One World, One Heart Lullabies

Download the album here

In our consumeristic and technological culture it is more important than ever before to remember and maintain  the value of simple, yet powerful prenatal and perinatal practices like lullabies. Mothers and children's friends have been singing lullabies to their babies for millennia. The project brings together a collection of songs most of which written for the unique babies of the mothers, fathers or grandparents singing them without any music in the background. . Read more

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