This Prenatal Sciences  Global Congress is the beginning of a new paradigm of working together on an equal basis and honoring identities. Our work expands to embrace the work that remains to be done. We are so excited for you to see what’s in store. Visit often to get updated. We’ve brought together a unique and inspiring group of speakers, and our schedule is full of engaging events and meetups. Starting from January to the date of the congress and beyond. Don’t miss out!

Leading the Way

We live in different countries. We speak different languages (although most of us also speak English). We come from different academic/ professional/ religious or cultural backgrounds.  Our skin color is not the same. BUT our hearts, minds and hands are the same: We honor life on Earth; we believe that our pre/perinatal experiences matter; we wish to see better health for people, peaceful co-existence among all life forms, respect to Nature and responsible decisions that promote civilization. 

Do you resonate with us? 

There is a place in our National Teams for you! Or be the first to start the team in your country!

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