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Scientific Advisory Board

Our Scientific/ Advisory Board consists of pioneer experts in the field of Prenatal Sciences who bring their unique knowledge and skills to augment the existing knowledge and effectively guide this work. They do not have formal authority to govern, but they make recommendations and/or provide key information and a fresh perspective in the direction of research, publications, congress priorities, educational/ training needs, community work, theoretical or ethical issues, determining mission and purpose of each program, articulating the goals, means, and primary constituents to be served each time. They ensure effective planning, monitor and strengthen the existing programs and services, recommend evaluation criteria, ensure adequate financial resources and enhance the organization’s public standing, providing help in the direction of creaing policies which provide guidance and support for the partnership, the communities of professionals/ researchers/ academia/ policy or decision makers/ stakeholders or service users. They meet twice a year on a regular basis and every time circumstances make it mandatory. It is a honorary position and none of them is paid staff.

For Information about the Scientific Board & their tasks please Email

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