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Andria Spyridou in Pushing Boundaries

Andria Spyridou, one of our last congress speakers was the guest of Thomas Verny in "Pushing Boundries". Having an active presence in the places where war is going on, as she is the regional mental health and psychosocial support coordinator for UNICEF, Latin America and Caribbean regional office, Andria Spyridou, among other things she said: "... I think the most influential people in our life, we take all our life, it's our parents. And I have, I have both my parents still alive. And they have both impacted me in different ways. They've both taught me things mostly by their, their way of being their, their, their mentality and personality. And by observing things that you know, I could be taking from them and things I shouldn't be taking. Yes. Which has been a lesson for me has been approached. And it's very interesting. Apart from that, I think my professors from University of content, I consider Thomas Albert, one of the most intelligent and empathic and supportive professors anyone could have..."

Later on when Andria was asked about what a human being is, she said: "I have seen pain I have seen suffering and, and it's hard for me to say what human being is, for me can be the most wonderful and beneficial creature on earth that can make the best change in everyone's life and the world. And at the same time, it can be the worst, most dangerous creature on this earth. So it's sad, but these are the faces of the same coin. And I just hope that the most prevailing and most frequent face that we will meet in the world is the positive side, it's the beneficial side of humans." We certainly join her in this wish for a peaceful world that honors differences and connects to create more life in this life. To listen to the podcast or read the transcript, click here


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