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My Birth Drawing Book

My Birth Drawing Book


My Birth Drawing Book is a drawing book that helps preschool and primary school children explore the magic of human experience from the moment of conception on to birth and beyond. Tracing the dots and broken lines in the pages of the book, the magic of the human body, our body, appears in front of our eyes. The child, the young artist, will be able to follow the many changes she or he has lived as she or her or his body developed from one cell to many. It offers the child the chance to realize that despite the many changes of the form over time, she or he remains the same. and thus grasp the meaning of continuity of self.

My Birth Drawing Book promotes children's autobiographical memory and consciousness beginning from life in the womb. It is actually a healing tool which can support a child as she or he can naturally communicate his or her personal pre/perinatal experience and find a way to reach a new homeostasis. As parents, health professionals, teachers, birth educators or midwives and doulas observe the child trace or paint the pictures and listen to her or his narratives as she or he works on the pictures, they can become aware of the mental and emotional inner experiences of the young artist as she or he represents the personal reality based on a mental image. The child draws what she or he knows that exists even if it can not be seen. This will fill the gaps (like connecting the dots in the book) in parents’ memories and may harmonise some feelings about their birth journeys. or help the health professional spot the vulnerability experienced and provide support. The book is also an excellent tool to prepare the child for a next sibling, teach science to children in class or introduce new visuals promoting a healthier way of welcoming our children and bonding them with our world so that, when the time comes, our now young artists can do better than their parents. It is a book that changes attitudes.

The messages are clear and translated in Greek, Italian, German, Dutch, Serbian, Romanian, Japanese, Russian, Lithuanian, Hindi, Hebrew, Turkish, Spanish, Portuguese (Brazil).. Joyful, fun educative and at the same time… a healing agenda… A heart gift for all future generations!

  • Credits

    My Birth Drawing Book is the outcome of the Prenatal Sciences Partnership. The following members and friends have offered their expertise.Translators:
        Spiros Papageorgiou (Greek)
        Yuko Igarashi (Japanese)
        Laura Uplinger (Portuguese from Brazil)
        S.Levin (Hebrew & Russian)
        Troya GN Turner (Dutch)
        Carolina Sujoy (Spanish)
        Milica Ćirović (Serbian)
        Brigitte Winkler (German)
        Antonella Sansone (Italian)
        Dr Ali Bahadırli & Sibel Deniz Toledo Falay (Turkish)
        Monica Miron (Romanian)
        Dr Ankita Marjadi (Hindi)
        Gabija Jarašiūnaitė-Fedosejeva (Lithuanian)
        Sahara Southwood (drawing)


  • For Organizations

    If you are an NGO, a non-for-profit organization, an educational entity or an association that shares our vision/ mission and promote healthy beginnings for our young and future generations consider including this book to your lists and introduce it to your members/ clients/ students. In this case, there is a reduced price for orders placed directly from us. Please, bear in mind that when choosing to promote this drawing book, a percentage of the profits goes to funding the Prenatal Sciences Partnership projects. 

    Distribution: Prenatal Sciences Research Institute SOPHIA Greece ( email: Thank you

  • Recommendations

    This is such a wonderful creation! It can really help promote  children's autobiographical memory and consciousness beginning from life in the womb.

    I love the idea of the child creatively ‘leading' the parent (and teacher, therapist and whoever concerned) into a journey through his/her womb and birth experiences.

    I also love the idea of the drawing giving the child the visual input and the blank space to freely narrate his/her story. And there is obviously much more to describe and value.
    Dr Antonella Sansone
    Clinical & Health Integrative Psychologist, MA, PhD Candidate
    Mindfulness Facilitator/Teacher, Author, Artist
    Prenatal and Perinatal Health, Psychosomatics,

    I read the book. I love it as it offers many clear messages and simple knowledge.
    Eleni Hadjigeorgiou, PhD,MSc,BSc (Hons), CM, RN.
    Assistant Professor- Midwifery Care
    Director,  MSc in Midwifery
    Department of Nursing, School of Health Sciences
    Cyprus University of Technology

    I have read the book. It is beautiful and gives an insight to the people who will receive the book regarding the significance of this early experience. A beautiful, well thought book. Thank you for introducing it to us.
    Dr Ankita Marjadi 
    Homoeopathic physician at Arogyada clinic, India 
    Author of “Knock Knock Let's Talk”. 

    The Birth Drawing Book has been created and designed with a great, clever mind. This book is about how the child expresses his/her birth story by using drawings. What a spontaneous and creative way to think… It is not only about birth story-telling but it also helps to increase the child’s visual and motor development and to connect the birth story with the daily life (drawing) activity. Joyful, fun, and educative at the same time… the book itself is a healing agenda… What a genius!
    Neşe Karabekir
    Birth Psychotherapist/Psychodrama Trainer
    Birth With No Regret Educator
    Istanbul Birth Academy
    Istanbul Psychodrama Institute
    President of Hand to Hand for Birth Association
    Vice President of ISPPM

    The book in front of you will take you to your own depths, which they did not tell you about in kindergarten, elementary school or college, because they have long considered you to be born as a "tabula rasa". They say that the hand is an extension of our soul and that we express much more with a drawing than we could describe in words. With a pencil in hand, you will be able to dive into your beginning, and if you make an effort before the beginning – the conception, and to feel primal emotions during drawing and coloring this book. While coloring and creating your own story, you will be able to recognize the reactions and feelings that often occur to you during your life, because they were felt in your mother's womb. During careful drawing and dedicated coloring, you may be overwhelmed by the feeling of joy, kindness, tenderness, which are now part of your character, and which are associated with your primal experiences when you were in your mother's womb, in the exact period shown in the picture you are coloring represents. On the other hand, maybe the picture will trigger feelings of sadness or anger, which you would gladly like to give up and realize that you acquired them from your ancestors or experienced in that first mother's classroom. You will feel a variety of emotions that can evoke a range of free associations to that period of life about which almost no one has told you anything. This book will help you gain deeper insights and get to know yourself, and possibly improve your health and development by talking to your parents and a prenatal psychologist. And certainly, whether you are preparing to become a parent, this trip will provide you with deeper insights into the role, importance and responsibility of parents as bearers of the light of life.

    Bearing in mind that the health and well-being of children are inextricably linked to the health of parents, this book will raise the awareness of young people who are preparing for marriage, to essentially understand that the health and development of a child begins with a healthy and sanctified parent before conception. Spending time coloring and drawing in this book, children will become aware from preschool age that their life did not begin when their mother gave birth to them, but from the moment when their mother and father conceived them. Through this book children will learn about the most important and fastest period of their life. How they grew from one "crumb", which was created by uniting the two worlds, and what forms they went through until they got the form of a sweet little human being. And as they take the “before the birth journey”, moms and dads can add to the story by telling the children what they and future grandparents did, how they felt in those days, weeks, months, what they dreamed about and help children to understand the very beginning of the fairy tale of their life.

    Prof. dr. Mirjana Sovilj
    Doktor psihofiziologije, doktor filozofije, valeolog, akademik međunarodne akademije bioenergetskih tehnologija i direktor Instituta za eksperimentalnu fonetiku i patologiju govora "Đorđe Kostić" iz Beograda.


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