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We appreciate the life long dedicated work of pioneers, scholars, researchers, professionals who have made it their task to cast light to the mysteries of life and our understanding. We know that most of them are volunteers although they also have paid positions. We welcome their contributions. No congress can be successful without their work being presented. Thus, WE DO NOT ASK ANY SPEAKERS' REGISTRATION FEE. With gratitude we ask you, the speaker, to consider sharing with us all. Thank you all for submitting your abstracts. Please, proceed and submit any missing data using the same submission form.  See below for the session formats. 

Please use the form below to submit your pptx and/ or the full paper/ talk/ presentation or other congress material

Prenatal Sciences Partnership 1st Global congress’ sessions and thematic sessions formats include:

Plenaries with 1-2 plenary speaker on the selected theme giving a presentation of 45-60 min.

Panel Discussions: Each speaker gives a brief (15-20 minutes) prepared presentation, usually presenting a different view or experience on the topic, followed by debate between the speakers and questions from the audience facilitated by the chair. Each panel discussion lasts 120 minutes maximum and hosts maximum 4-5 speakers.

Paper sessions: Speakers orally present the findings of a prepared paper or project. Each paper session allows 4-5 presentations of 30 minutes each, including time for specific questions/ discussion. Each paper session focuses on the theme of the day. Attendees will have the opportunity to ask questions to the speakers.

Theme forums/ Symposia:  they include “cut-above” presentations and discussions which are intended to be integrative in nature, i.e., deal with cross-cutting issues relevant to the many specialties of impact assessment, bring together on a particular topic the various aspects of impact assessment and examine how those aspects apply to different sectors and issues, engage with the conference theme, be relevant to our international audience, and be innovative in format. One each day, with 3-4 speakers and 90 minutes. The aim is to allow a deeper understanding of the theme of the congress day.

Special Prenatal Sciences Hubs: Each speaker has 45 minutes’ presentation time to develop the topic of the presentation. Attendees will have the opportunity to ask questions to the speakers.

Masterclasses: A number of two-hour long Masterclasses are available focusing on developing professional skills or open to all. Attend the one you are interested most or all of them.

Questions and Answers Sessions for Health Professionals, Researchers, Parents, Educators & Interested Stakeholders. An expert panel receives the question and offers a reliable response. Each Q&A session lasts 100 min.

Book presentation sessions presenting new book releases. Each session presents 1 academic book, 1 book for professionals, 1 for parents and the community, 1 for children.

Poster sessions: Videos of 5-10 min long and 5-7 slides

Exhibitions as well as children’s hubs, Pregnant Couples Hubs and Elderly people stories of wisdom

Session Formats

4 publications will come out with the results of this congress. Please submit your chapter in one of these books. The button will take you to the IJLPS. Make your submission there. Again there is no publication fee whatever. Thank you.

Science and art belong to the whole world, and before them vanish the barriers of nationality. (Goethe)

The 1st Prenatal Sciences Congress, “Prenatal Sciences, Human-Earth Connection & Life Sustainability” embraces Artistic Creativity as well as Evidence-Based Knowledge and Professional / Community Experience and Wisdom.
We schedule a number of Art Exhibitions using 3D technology for best results.
We ask the artists who have already offered their artwork (but also those who will be inspired to submit now using the form below
The following information is needed: 

  1. Images in resolution 300 dpi (minimum) in jpeg, png, tiff format

  2. The title of their whole collection as text (max. 200 characters or 15 words approximately)

  3. Description of the whole collection in docx format about 200 words max or approximately a short paragraph.

  4. Title of each artwork (docx)

  5. Short description of each artwork (the story behind the image) about 200 words or less, docx

  6. Size of the artwork (height/ width/ depth -pls keep this order in adding the info) in cm and inches for each artwork

  7. Material of the original artwork (when digital mention digital) again for each artwork (in case you have more than one artwork items, please put all this info 4-7 in an excel and upload the excel with all items' info)

  8. Contact details in case people wish to connect with the artist

  9. Bio of the artist

  10. Photo of the artist

  11. Cover image of the collection (choice of the artist (approx.  1640 × 924 px)

  12. Anything else is also welcome but the above is needed. All exhibitions will open Oct 1, 2022, and will remain open for 3 months.
    Please, bear in mind that the deadline for this submission is mid-July. Thank you for keeping this in mind.


If you have a book published in 2021 or 2022 and you wish to submit it for the book exhibition and the book award, please use this form to submit. However, if you also have more books published in other years, you can also use this same form to submit for the book exhibition but your title will not be included for this congress book awards. Last but not least, if you are a researcher and you have published in (open access) academic journals, you can also use this form to submit your paper/ publication. It will be included in a digital prenatal sciences data library. It is very important to let people know about all interesting editions for adults, children, professionals, parents, academia. Thank you all for your writing contributions.

To read the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) click here. To download the partnership application for joining us click here. Please, print, sign and email us the signed document to Thank you

Please use the form below and send us a message. Write a few words about how you you would like to get involved. You can also use the email below to send us photos, artwork, books to be included, or other ideas you would like to share with us or become part of the organizing committee in your city/ country and co-create.


For other questions and comments email or

Join Our Team

Thanks for joining us! 



If you have a proposal for our ongoing post congress program that can raise awareness on either prenatal sciences or human-earth connection or life sustainability, we would love to hear from you. Please use the form below and submit. It can be as short as a couple hours or as long as some months. Once or recurrent. Free or on a fee. In English or in your language providing translation in English or just for the specific language participants. We kindly ask you the organization or individual who will present it to offer 10-15% of the fees to our partnership towards covering the congress costs and our projects. Check the submission guidelines here.


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