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Appeal of the Mothers of the World to every Person!

I turn to you, man, whoever you are, whatever you are, I turn to you. I have the right because I am a mother. Each of you, those who think that they can decide the fate of billions of people, has a mother, thanks to whom you were born, and therefore I have the right to be a mother. I appeal to your heart, if it has not yet turned into a piece of ice, to your soul, if it has not yet become completely empty and hardened. I ask you only one thing: learn to love, because you came into this world for this. Learn to love your birth, your past that gave you the present. Learn to love and respect your mother who gave you life. No one has the right to take their own children away from their mothers. Remember this! We all have one common mother - our planet Earth. Learn to love your present, your Mother Earth. She gives you everything to make your present happy. And you have no right to answer her with ingratitude. Remember this! Learn to love your future, learn to love the children who have already come into this world and who are yet to appear. And even if you don't have your own children, remember that all children, every child on this earth is our common future. And there is no reason why you can refuse this future or encroach on its happiness. Remember this! I'm talking to you man! Remember that you are human, remember that you have a heart and a soul. Remember why you came into this world. Remember your mother, do not let her soul suffer for your deeds! Remember And just learn to love and be sane. May be Love and Light! And Grace on the Land of Our Gods and Ancestors! May it be so!

(By Svetlana Nesterova)


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