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No fault of his own...

The verdict in Nicolas Cruz violent murder of Parkside victims is tragic in all respects. The defense used (PPN) diagnosis as one mitigating factor to lessen the death penalty to life imprisonment sans parole: "... defense attorney Melisa McNeill said Cruz “is a brain damaged, broken, mentally ill person, through no fault of his own.” She pointed to the defense’s claim that Cruz’s mother used drugs and drank alcohol while his mother was pregnant with him, saying he was “poisoned” in her womb.

“And in a civilized humane society, do we kill braindamaged, mentally ill, broken people?” McNeill asked Tuesday. “Do we? I hope not.” (

I listened to a victims father on TV this morning, he told about the time his daughter, some years ago, saved a child after drowning. Without ever being trained, "she knew what to do". Perhaps, if this tragedy has any positive outcome, it has put a spotlight on the importanct of the womb life environment. I still think it would be good to join forces with those who understand that "the ecological self .. is in and of nature from the very beginning of ourselves (Arne Naess). (by Sheila Spremulli)


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