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Regarding the appeal sent out to all by Svetlana Nesterova, my viewpoint to such holistic problems like wars concerns very deep trans-generational loads on the level of collective consciousness, which needs the global spiritual repenting and forgiving in order to reset these loads, as my Keynote talk at Prenatal Science Global Conference clearly suggests...

... For fans of holistics, I recommend to reflect on what is going on ... in the history of the world of the last millennia. And therapy is the return of spirituality, to change the Matrix. Without that, people are mere psychological / sociological bioautomats, as Tesla saw us nicely.

The global political, informational and educational goals of Civilization need to be redefined. As I see it, we are all networked throughout our lives with lower levels of collective consciousness, from which we then untie. It is our spiritual task, as if we are in the function of cleansing the accumulated transgenerational burdens of the collective consciousness. So, our portion of collective consciousness is our ultimate target for cleansing. Read more in his website By Dejan Rakovic)


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